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Software Egypt Companies Worldwide
  • Global management and billing software for the wireless trunking industry.
  • Produces software and plug-in PC boards for LMR applications.
  • Provides radio monitoring products and services.
  • Developer and publisher of government related databases on CD-ROM and online, specializing in FCC and FAA data. Providing products to the telecommunications, aviation,
  • Coverage computer mapping software
  • USGS Digital data products and radio communications engineering software.
  • Development of rf software since 1971 by experienced rf engineers
  • Software tools for wireless professionals. RF coverage and propagation prediction software.
  • Mobile radio billing software designed to interface and download air time billing information from most SMR manufacturers.
  • Offers imaging and radio telecommunications products based on SSC's proprietary technology.
  • Providing high quality design and development of embedded systems for the communications and other market places
  • Radio coverage software.
  • Provides independent radio frequency (RF) health and safety solutions to the wireless telecommunications industry.
  • Provider of a variety of software and support for telecom business systems providing modular, turn-key enterprise solutions.
  • Supplies protocol stacks to commercial, public safety and military wireless manufacturers. Specialty is trunked radio.
  • VirtualRadio software series of programs to control the Kenwood 7180/8180 radios.
  • MaintenanceNow is a resources scheduling and service staff dispatching software and incorporates \"Just-In-Time\" (JIT) and \"On-Demand-Service\" (ODS) feature.
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