Emergency Communications, Egypt

Emergency Communications Egypt Companies Worldwide
  • Dedicated to 911 dispatchers and other public safety personnel, provides resource information, diversionary recreational links, PSAP postcards and access to a chat room
  • Offers a range of information including, training, technical advice, membership, publications, and careers.
  • Supply a rugged mobile communication center which enables rapid response to disaster and emergency incidents. Includes downloadable specifications in PDF format.
  • Provides information for the public safety communications and response community. Includes product-related sections, technical, operational, and people-oriented issues.
  • Provides insight into the problems of bandwidth congestion of public safety radio communications systems. Includes interviews, articles, and a table of cities.
  • Information the European Telecommunications Standards Institute's activities regarding emergency communications. Includes status reports, terminology, and press releases.
  • Federation of associations representing public safety telecommunications. Acts as a resource and advocate for public safety telecommunications issues. Includes details
  • Provides emergency communications services for public safety including 800 MHz rebanding and wireless network design tools.
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