Degree Programs, Egypt

Degree Programs Egypt Companies Worldwide
  • Institute for eCommerce offers a 12-month Master of Science in Electronic Commerce (MSEC) degree.
  • Michael G. DeGroote School of Business E-Commerce Research Center and MBA program of E-Commerce stream.
  • Get an E-Commerce degree in four years through Laurentian University's Honours Bachelor of Commerce and Computer Science program.
  • in the Gold Coast, Australia, offers a Bachelor of Electronic Commerce and a Masters in Electronic Commerce.
  • Master's degree in Electronic Commerce. An interdisciplinary program involving the Faculties of Computer Science, Law and Management.
  • The JSU College of Commerce and Business Administration offers degree programs in E-Commerce, Accounting, Finance, Economics, Management, and Marketing.
  • E-Commerce concentration as part of the MS degree in Computer Networking in the NCSU College of Engineering, Raleigh, North Carolina.
  • Master of Management in a Networked Economy (MiNE) Program. A collaboration with School of Information Management and Systems of the University of California at Berkeley.
  • offers a Bachelor of Science in E-commerce in Geneva, Switzerland.
  • E-Commerce concentration as part of the MBA degree in the NCSU College of Management, Raleigh, North Carolina.
  • Offers an emphasis on e-business. Includes programs and degrees, faculty and staff, and resources.
  • Full financial services for members of the College Hill community in Fredericton. Membership, services, RRSPs, hours and location.