Steel Frame, Egypt

Steel Frame Egypt Companies Worldwide
  • Computer aided design, drafting and manufacturing software, equipment and material for light-gauge steel frame houses and commercial buildings.
  • Manufacturer of steel home framing packages . Includes a photograph gallery and step by step construction animation, and FAQs .
  • International steel frame housing builder and manufacturer.
  • Exporter of pre-engineered \"Red Iron\" all bolt-together residential building systems.
  • Custom steel frame homes.
  • Manufactures steel-frame modular single and multifamily homes and buildings. New York City.
  • Produces affordable earthquake-resistant light-gauge steel-frame housing systems for the active seismic zones of the world. Offices in USA, Turkey, Spain.
  • Designer and builder of steel framed homes since 1987. Site displays photos of steel frame construction process. Arkansas.
  • Single and multi-unit prefabricated steel frame home distributor. Over 100 plans, or custom built. Texas.
  • Engineers, exports, and supervises construction of complete California-style, galvanized, light-gauge steel-framed homes for anywhere in the world. California.
  • Facing higher prices for lumber, more residential builders are looking at steel as an alternative for their structural framing needs.
  • Suppliers and exporters of steel house frames and trusses. Suitable for developers, builders, contractors, and owner builders. Site contains images of manufacturing and
  • Manufactures affordable steel frame home kits people can build themselves. Online erection demo. AR.
  • Provides crew worldwide for merchant, fishing and cruise vessels. Recruits are drawn from the central Pacific atoll of Kiribati.
  • The flexibility of Steel Frame Construction combined with our complete Design and Construct services.