Shelter, Egypt

Shelter Egypt Companies Worldwide
  • Manufacturer of multi-purpose mobile expandable rooms. For emergency or disaster relief housing, shelter, medical clinics, food service, command and control. Also for
  • Soft-walled aluminum framed shelters which can be erected in 30 minutes and require no tools for set up.
  • Underground housing and shelter books entitled The $50 and Up Underground House Book, and the Underground House, and a Shelter videotape workshop and seminar.
  • Worldwide provider of emergency shelters and prefabricated homes. Includes product information and installation videos.
  • Manufacturers and exporters of pavilions, gazebos, shelters, and canopies, big line of party tents. View photos. Denmark.
  • Technology supplier for concrete form structures. Representatives in South Africa, Brazil, Chile, Caribbean, Mexico, USA, and Argentina. View photos of construction