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  • New features in the world of the automobile design and styling. New models. Resources for car design students.
  • Bimonthly magazine on automotive and industrial design. Staff, distribution, advertising, subscription, links, archive and contact information.
  • Daily news and library of automotive innovations.
  • A field guide of ideas, issues and innovations dealing with the automotive industry.
  • Industry news and selected articles from the magazine.
  • Provides car design with daily news, resources, free tutorials, videos and technical publications. For automotive designers, engineers and enthusiasts.
  • Automotive design industry news, coverage of major auto shows and design exhibitions. Design employment and portfolios listings.
  • Covers every aspect of automotive design and development from concept to production, including materials, methods, processes and design projects.
  • Covering the formulation of an automotive interior from initial sketches through to final prototype.
  • Official magazine of providing news, interviews and articles about the automotive industry, supply industry and manufacture of internal combustion engines.